ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems (SES), SEAI-funded 24 month (2019-2021) Project.

GlasPort Bio is delighted to have been awarded a prestigious funding award under the ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems (SES) funding call for 2019. This 24-month research project with Italian partners KiRa Technology, aspires to close-the-loop in the swine industry, recycling bio-waste through innovative pathways of treatment to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions ad to generate renewable energy.

Project Plan: GlasPort Bio’s natural, novel antimicrobial agent is used to treat pig waste in-situ to reduce methane production by >98% (based on preliminary trials with cattle slurry); with project partners KiRa Technology using their novel BioGS micro-CHP system for subsequent renewable energy production. The process also has the added benefit of generating biochar – valuable charcoal used in agriculture.

Innovation? A means of greatly reducing GHG emissions from pig waste in a cost-effective, widely implementable manner which is effective against all microorganisms thus generating a safe, useable material for use in the KiRa micro-CHP system. The latter exhibits high automation, adaptability, accurate combustion control, low environmental impact with carbon sequestration of 0.1kg/kg input biomass; CO2 emissions reduction of 0.3kg/kg input biomass, compared to direct combustion.