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ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems (SES): 2019-2021

GlasPort Bio, together with our partners in Italy – KiRa Technology, have just begun an exciting project entitled; PIGergy: A novel means of unleashing the energy potential of pig waste. Research will take place in Galway and in Italy to sustainably treat pig manure, and generate a value-added feedstock for a micro-CHP system for use on-site at small pig farms across the EU!

GPB – ERA-Net SES Technical

EIC Accelerator, H2020: GasAbate N+

GlasPort Bio was awarded an EIC Accelerator grant in August 2020 to perform cutting-edge research under the GasAbate N+ project. This project focuses on an Additive Technology to Prevent Greenhouse Gas Emissions and to Enhance the Fertiliser and Bioeconomy Feedstock Value of Animal Manures and Slurries.

GasAbate N+